Strength through unity - We want to erase boundaries and design for a more equal and aware society. Exploring different concepts within the craft of making clothes is equally important as the message ; Sustainable, gender free garments regardless of size, culture or heritage.

The affinity with the artisanal is infused by our current surroundings of Berlin; It's diverse cultural landscape and strong history. Striking yet relaxed silhouettes mixed with raw and different natural materials bond our work.

Our garments are made from organic materials and fairly produced, in factories we regularly visit to make sure the people involved in the process of making our garments are treated properly. We only use recyclable materials in our packaging and we aim to waste as little as possible in the cycle of production. Created with a sense of preciousness - we want to create affordable clothing outside of the destructive forces of fast fashion. If you want to know more about our process, where and how our clothes are produced feel free to e-mail us!